Who was Marco Polo: the great traveler or the greatest liar?

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Who was Marco Polo: the great traveler or the greatest liar? The book written by a writer of fiction dictated by a prisoner represents unique evidence of the fact that Marco Polo ever undertook his epic voyage that he narrated. Historical documents on such things as wars and battles which also Polo mentions, and trading ways, can us also help to back up his times. Here we collected the facts that argue that Marco Polo could be the simple liar, but not a great traveler.

1. Is well known a myth that Marco introduced some dishes, as spaghetti, noodles and even ice cream, the secret of which he brought from China to the West. There is no truth to any of these claims and indeed Marco never told about them in his book.

2. When Polo came back from his long journey and told his tale to his fellow compatriots, firstly he was not trusted by many of them and even long after his decease. Stories about money from paper and burning black stone (powder or coal?) seemed too much fantastic to be taken credibly.

3. Nevertheless, Marco Polo is now disbelieved by many scientists undoubtedly because of what he didn`t mention. Marco pay great attention to the architecture of the Chinese buildings he sees, but despite of this fact, he nothing says about the Great Wall of China.

4. Certainly, it should be mentioned that his book was written not long after the events that it narrates, and any number of arguments can counter such accusations of fraud. Marco Polo claims that he was a close and trusted adviser to Kublai Khan. More than it: he even was made ruler of Yangzhou city for three years! Nevertheless, Chinese documents, usually scrupulous about such particulars, say nothing about him.

Despite of these facts, Polo's book is a remarkably and unique insightful work of Middle Age. Also, the importance of this book should never be undervalued in the influence that it eventually had for future discoverers.

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