Which of the bees is the fastest or speed-test for honeymakers

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Which of the bees is the fastest or speed-test for honeymakers When the bee goes out from the home (hive), the insect can reach speed of 35-40 miles (or more than 60 kilometers) per hour. When it comes back, and is full by collected nectar, the speed falls to 15-20 miles (25-30 km) per hour.

Speed of bee’s fly depends on many factors: wind speed and direction, load, age of the insect. Flight range of covered terrain reaches in the field ambient 4-5 km, and in the environment covered with trees and intersected by ravines up to 11 km.

How long is the flight of bees?

Length of nectar collecting ranges from 15 to 103 minutes. Depending on the level of honey collection and distance from the source to the hive the flight goes on 10-60 minutes. When bee collects nectar it continues 6-30 min. The bee-harvester works in the field in the average of 1 hour, and it stays in the hive for about 15 minutes. The bee makes on average 8-10 departures per day. At each time the insect bears 30-40 mg of nectar and 10-15 mg of pollen.

At what distance from the apiary do bees fly?

Bees prefer to take nectar nearby the apiary; at distances up to 1 km. Individual bees were found at a distance of 3-4 km from the apiary. Also are known trained bees that fly for food at the distance of 6 km.

What is the amount of feed consumed bee during flight?

Bee spends for feed itself 43% from nectar taken on a flight, if the insect carries it from a distance of 0.5-0.75 km. From a distance of 3 km bees brings only 1/3 of the collected food.

When the level of glucose in the hemolymph of bee falls below 1%, the insect cannot fly, and it is why so much collected food is eaten. Nevertheless, earned nectar is more than enough for honey production, and one hive produces in 1 year on average more than 40 kilograms (per day the insect can bring to 900 mg – 1 g of nectar or pollen).

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