Vandals not only write graffiti, but also sacked Rome 15 centuries ago

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Vandals not only write graffiti, but also sacked Rome 15 centuries ago The name "vandals" derived from Germanic people. In the second century AD they lived not far from the Baltic Sea. They moved little by little through western Europe and the Strait of Gibraltar to North Africa.

They formed a kingdom near Carthage. This area supplied most of the grain Italy needed to feed itself. That's why King Gaiseric claimed more and more territory by threatening to cut off Rome's grain supply. During this time Vandals built a powerful fleet, and in 455 AD they were strong enough.

Meanwhile the Roman usurper Petronius Maximus to show the legitimacy of his rights to the throne married his son to the daughter of previous emperor. But she had been engaged to the son of Gaiseric. Angered Gaiseric outfitted fleet and reached the mouth of the Tiber. Maximus decided to ride out of Rome, but Romans recognized and executed him.

There is a story that Pope Leo I met King Gaiseric and persuaded him not to burn and slaughter. On these terms Rome gave up without resistance. While Gaiseric stayed in Rome, his men took all the treasures, but Roman people and buildings were left unharmed.

Vandals were Arian and they dealt severely with Orthodox Christians in North Africa. Perhaps they got the glory of wild and cultureless barbarians because of destruction of orthodox churches.

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