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There was another brother Grimm - the painter The Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm and Jacob were scholars from Germany – scientists, cultural researchers, linguists, lexicographers, and also authors of many classic fairy tales, who collected and publicized German and European folklore. It is true tu say, that Jacob and Wilhelm were among the most well-known fairy tales’ narrators. For example, they found, or sometimes created such stories as "Hansel and Gretel", "Cinderella", "Rapunzel", "The Frog Prince", "Rumpelstiltskin” and surely the “super hit” among world tales - "Snow White". The brothers also began writing a vast German dictionary which was completed and finished only after 120 years after their decease.

Nevertheless the worldwide fame that they earned after their death, Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm and Jacob lived in deficit. The year they published their folk tales, the brothers served just one meal a day. Also the brothers were devout Christians. Because of this, some scholars suppose that the stories and fairy tales that they found in their expeditions, may have been filtered or censored.

An interesting fact. The Grimm brothers came from a family of nine children – eight boys and one girl. Only six of them survived infancy, and other three died because of diseases. And beside the two well-known brothers-narrators, there is known a third one, who also left his footprint in the history. His name was Ludwig Grimm, and he was a famous painter and illustrator.

Jacob and Wilhelm took care of their little brother after their parents’ death and always paid enough money for his education. From the very beginning, Ludwig Emil wanted to be an artist. He didn’t want to make prints after the old masters and chosed to interpret things from the nature.

So, Ludwig Grimm was first who illustrated the collection of fairy tales accumulated his great brothers. He also was one of the creators of colony of painter from Germany, named Willingshauser.

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