There are orthopedic horseshoes for horses

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There are orthopedic horseshoes for horses A horseshoe is a talisman that is said to bring good luck. But also is known wide range of horseshoes, and their another role in practical use. A horseshoe is a manufactured product, ordinarily made of metal, though sometimes it is made partially or wholly of contemporary synthetic materials, designed to protect a hooves of horses from outwear.

Horseshoe is fixed on the thenal surface of the hoof, usually nailed through the insensible wall of hoof that is akin anatomically to the human nails, though much thicker and larger. However, there are known many cases when horseshoes are… glued!

Today horseshoes are accessible in a wide variety of materials and kinds, created for different breeds of horses and for the tasks they execute. The most general materials are aluminum and steel, but special horseshoes may include use of magnesium, titanium, copper or even rubber or plastic. Steel is most preferred in sports where is needed a strong, long-wearing shoe. Such sports are polo, jumping shows and western riding events.

Another type of shoes is made from aluminum. Such horseshoe are lighter, that makes them common in horse racing and in such discipline as dressage where are desired a lighter shoes. Some horseshoes have "caulkins" or "calks": that are protrusions at the shoe toe or heels that provides supplementary traction.

Also exist so-called orthopedic horseshoes made ​​of ductile iron. After nailing horseshoes recess is filled by tarred rope. This type of horseshoe is preferred for heavy trucks that run on paved roads and is used in the cities.

There are more different kinds of horseshoes invented and developed by horse funs for hundreds of years. This developing is going on at the present and it may will be so we will see in the future new models of horseshoe made from modern materials.

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