The wedding dress is the most common for the Barbie dolls

The wedding dress is the most common for the Barbie dolls Barbie is a fashion doll produced by an American company specialized in manufacturing toys and called “Mattel Inc”. In 1959, inspired by a German doll, knows as Bild Lilli (true fact: this image of doll was the real prototype of Barbie), Ruth Handler (she and her husband found mentioned company), created an 11-inch-tall doll from plastic and named her after the name of her daughter, Barbara. The doll has the figure of an adult woman and she came as either a blond or brunette, and in 1961 was added red hair. The first Barbie doll was sold for $3, modest price even for that time. Additional accessories based on the latest trends were also sold. The price for accessories was from $1 to $5.

As the demand grew up, in 1961 Mattel added Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken – her ultimate “accessory”, who was more than simple for Barbie. Ken could be her boyfriend, and even husband. A little bit later, in 1963 appeared Barbie’s best friend, Midge, and in 1964 her little sister, Skipper. In 1980 the Barbie doll itself came up in an African American incarnation. Also Barbie`s company now is large, and this girls will never be bored.

Since the apparition of Barbie, she has been widely criticized for materialism (fancy cars, big houses, and expensive clothes) and her physical look (too ideal). It was found that if Barbie was a real person, her measurements (36-18-38) would be impossible. Despite of it, her creators say that the doll was designed for girls to easily dress and undress it.

Since Barbie’s introduction as a fashion model, she used to be a stewardess, police officer, doctor and even an astronaut. But most of all she likes being a bride. Barbie wants to be the best bride for Ken. Until that day, Barbie is looking for her perfect wedding dress, and also remain the dream of every little girl.

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