The war is not a game. But sometimes...

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The war is not a game. But sometimes... Of course, war is a terrible thing enough. Consequences of the war are disastrous. Among them we can name destroyed cities and broken lifes. However, often the scene of military action takes place in completely comic or even absurd scenery and circumstances. Presenting your attention the facts from the military history of the most extraordinary battles, armies and victories.

During the WW II, the Germans built in a great privacy layout of airfield. Aircraft hangars, vehicles, air defense systems – all made of wood. But one day the English bomber arrived and dropped on the airfield wooden false bomb. The secret was revealed and the trick hasn`t worked.

On June 13, 1944 a German tank "Tiger II" under the command of Captain Michael Wittmann stopped all offensive British Seventh Panzer Division (the famous "Desert Rats") near the town of Villers Boca, Normandy. This event was interrupted by British offensive planned by General Montgomery. Wittmann was killed later in August in the battle against 12 tanks of the Canadian army.

More serious defeat of more "modern" British army happened in 1879. The British fought the Zulu empire and during the battle about 1,400 British colonists, armed with guns and rifles were defeated by 30,000 Zulus armed just with spears. British casualties amounted to approximately 1,000 people, and Zulu - 3,000 people.

Danish king Niels, who ruled in 1104-1134 years was one of five children of Svein Estridson. He had the smallest army ever existed in the world. It consisted of 7 people which were his personal assistants (personal military team). With this army he ruled Denmark during 30 years and in that time part of Denmark icluded also large parts of Sweden and Norway, as well as some parts of Northern Germany. During all these years he engaged in war only 2 times.

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