The River Nile was frozen twice

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The River Nile was frozen twice Nile. The cradle of first civilization – Egyptians. This river is esteemed to be the longest river around the world and it reaches a distance of more than 6 000 Km. It is also one of the widest rivers because of many overflows. It happens because of every year the grass grows sporadically as it should because of how the river chooses the direction of its flood at specific sites every year.

Fortunately, the flooding doesn`t cause any damage to local people or areas which is why the river is se most abundant African water resource. There are some real facts about this unique river. These facts will help us understand why it was named “gift of the God” by the African people.

1. Nile stands for “Valley”, and this name the river took from the ancient Greek word that sounds as “neilos”. The Egyptians themselves called call it “the Black River”. The black river was called so by ancient people because it leaves on its banks dark sediments after its seasonal flood.

2. The Nile River through many African countries such as Tanzania, the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and little Burundi. In comparison to the rivers that flow in USA, the last only going through specific states. The fact that Nile goes through many countries shows how long and big it is. 6 000 Km is the length of the Nile without The Blue Nile. This little river flows about 1,400 kilometers till Khartoum, where the Blue Nile and White Nile join together to create the Great Nile.

3. Twice in its well-known history the Nile River was frozen. Firstly it happened in the 829 and once more in 1010. Winters of these years were perhaps some of the coldest winters in Africa’s contemporary history. Especially if we imagine as the African River is covered by ice over six thousand miles along!

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