The ancient Greeks called an ostrich a hybrid between sparrow and camel

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The ancient Greeks called an ostrich a hybrid between sparrow and camel African ostrich is the biggest of modern birds. Its height is 250 cm and weight is 150 kg. Ostrich has a massive body, long neck and a small flattened head. Its beak is straight, flat, with a horny “claw” on the upper mandible.

The ostrich eyes are large - the largest among of terrestrial animals, with thick lashes on the upper eyelid. Each eye is the size of its brain. The hole of mouth gets till eyes. Ostrich inhabits savannahs and deserts, north and south equatorial forest zone. Outside the breeding season, the ostrich are usually live in small flocks or families. The family consists of an adult male, four or five females and chicks. Often ostriches graze together with herds of zebras and antelopes and with them make long migration across African plains. Due to its growth and excellent eyesight, ostriches first notice the danger. In case of the danger of life, they start to run. High speed could rich up 60-70 km / h. This birds don`t fly, they only run making steps 3.5-4 meters wide! And of course, if it necessary, animals change quickly the direction of run without lowering speed.

Now ostriches are bred in more than 50 countries (including countries with cold climates, for example, Sweden), but most of their farms are still concentrated in South Africa.

Nevertheless of all said, we know some interesting facts about ostrich from the history. So when the Europeans (Ancient Greeks) firstly had introduced with ostriches they named these birds… “The mixture of sparrow and camel”. 3 justified parallels we can see in some very interesting features of ostrich:

1. Ostriches can survive a long time without water, getting the moisture from palatable plants, but on occasion, like to drink and love to swim.

2. Hindquarters are long and strong, with only two fingers. One of the fingers ends with horny hoof. The birds rely on it when running.

3. Ostriches are riding animals. An adult male person is carried by bird easily.

Maybe this was the reason why the ancient Greeks seen in this birds features of camels?

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