Sword of Pepin III was longer than its owner: fact or only legend?

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Sword of Pepin III was longer than its owner: fact or only legend? Pepin was the second of three sons of loyal knight to the Merovingians and devout Christian, Charles Martel (known as "the Hammer"). The men from Pippin dynasty had strong and tall construction of body. The right title for Pepin was almost certainly "Pippin the Younger". Later it was misconstrued to “Pepin the Short” or even “Pepin the Fat”. But he was probably neither fat, nor short! So we know about one legend which supposes that sword of Pepin III was longer than its owner. It is also untrue.

His date of birth is often registered as 714 AD. However, he is the second son, and his birth had to be after his elder brother Carloman making it more likely 717 (Carloman was born around 716).

In the year of his death (741), Charles assured each of his three sons their duties - Carloman in Austrasia, Pippin in Neustria and Winfred (Grifo) in Bavaria.

Upon the death of their father, 3 brothers remained true to the honor displayed by their ancestors and worked together to firstly rid the Empire of rebellion and later to greatly expand their territory and gain influence in the Western Europe.

Windred, having been deeply affected by the death of his father, relinquished his position in Bavaria to Pepin. Initially, both Carloman and Pepin helped their younger brother by commissioning the great scriptorium at Fulda in 742 as his own. Later, both Carloman and Pepin supported younger brother in his activities linked with developing the Catholic Church and made him the first bisceop ("Bishop") of the Catholic Church.

Pepin the Younger became the King of the Franks (the first of the Carolingians) in 752 and had been retained this status until his death. As King, Pepin began an ambitious program to expand his power. He reformed the legislation of the Franks and persisted the ecclesiastical reforms of Boniface. Pepin III also interfered in favor of the Papacy of Stephen II against the Lombards in Italy. His army secured several cities, which he then gave to the Pope as part of the Pepin`s Donation. All this created the legal basis for the Papal States, appeared in the Middle Age.

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