Space is just an hour's drive away, if we could drive up

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Space is just an hour's drive away, if we could drive up ”Space is not far. It's just an hour away, if your car could go straight upwards”. This is a saying of the great British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle that lived in the second half of XX century. This was the century of great space discoveries, when every man could understand how much will get in the future new field of explorations for all mankind. We should feel it, because maybe we will see the beginning of space colonization and conquering. Will we find there the new forms of live? Nevertheless, the answer is out of our today borders of understanding.

Also it conducts us to the next idea. This aphorism shows the limited nature of our world. The stratosphere (from. Latin “stratum”) ends at the height of 50 km. The real diameter of our galaxy is billions of kilometers. Perhaps, we are too tiny to understand it. In the universe exist of about 100 billion galaxies, often separated by tens of millions of parsecs within space vacuum. Each galaxy has its own 300 billion of stars. We are living on the outskirts of one of these galaxies, flying around little yellow star on piece of a planet called Earth. We can find in the universe the brighter and bigger stars than ours, sometimes in hundred times! Who knows, maybe there are live civilizations that have known about us during thousands of years.

Us nothing depends. We should understand it in every moment of our being, and try to ask on fundamental questions of universe: “Who are we?” “From where did we come?” and “Where we are going now?” The answer can find every brave researcher, or just new hero of our day. For beginning you will need not too much. The space is just an hour away, if you have a car that goes straight upward. But there you will need a spacesuit, because in the space isn’t oxygen at all!

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