Sir Francis Drake was the second man and the first Englishman who sailed around the world

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Sir Francis Drake was the second man and the first Englishman who sailed around the world Sir Francis Drake (born: 1540 – died: 1596) was known as an English sea captain, slaver, politician of the Elizabethan era and one of her favorites. Almost people knew Drake as a defeater of Spanish Armada, but it was not only his major accomplishment. He is also known as the first Englishman, who as a great Magellan sailed around the world. Drake`s circumnavigation was carried out of the world from 1577 to 1580. For this, the queen of England Elizabeth awarded Francis Drake a knighthood in 1581. About his journey, sir Drake wrote in his diary, and today we know almost every episode of this interesting, and sometimes even tragic voyage.

On his trip around the world, Drake set sail on the ship named “Golden Hind” in December of 1577. He had the well-equipped expedition, ever before launched by his country. 5 well-armed strong ships, and a crew of 150 sailormen. The first place to reach was the coast of Brazil (April of 1578). But already on May 21st, expedition entered the Straits of Magellan, which is situated at the most southern tip of South America.

After that, Drake turned his ships to the north and sailed the western coast of Southern America (today is the coast oh Chile and Peru), assaulting and destroying enemy Spanish ships. They continued sail up northward along the coastline of Northern America, exploring the places till Canada. Then Drake and his team sailed across the Pacific Ocean and stopped for a while on the Celebes islands and Java. Sailing after westward, they reached the southern tip of Africa - Cape of Good Hope.

Drake sailed into Plymouth Harbor in September of 1580. He returned only with one ship and a starved crew of 58 sailormen who had not seen a populated shore for more than 6 months. Nevertheless, Drake`s ship carried the richest load, ever to reach an England. Drake`s trophies represented exotic spices, precious metals, unique jewels and silks, finest porcelains and even irreplaceable maps. Firstly, the queen Elisabeth I hesitated to recognize famous trip of Drake because approval of his robbery would cause many troubles with Spain. Only later, she came secretly on board of the Golden Hind and knighted Drake.

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