Shanghai can become Chinese Venice

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Shanghai can become Chinese Venice Because of tunnels and groundwater Shanghai annually falls on one centimeter below the sea level. But could we say that this is an ecological catastrophe and that in less than one century the biggest Chinese city will go under water totally?

Of course, this fact can’t be understood as a catastrophe, because here we encounter with changes in the global clime and warming of it that goes recent centuries. But seen in the longer period these changes are nоrmal. Shanghai goes under water, but it occurs slower than before or than we could imagine.

For example, last year, the rate of ground fall below the sea level was only 7 mm. It is the best rate since 2000. Today, Shanghai has a population of more than 20 million, ant the city is built on marshy soils. In the past, the use of groundwater for urban needs was reduced on 20%. Now the city uses more water from the river, simultaneously pumping water into the aquifer. Also trouble is not solved completely. Only hard statistics: in the 60’s of XX century Shanghai sink rate reached 10 centimeters.

If the authorities had not begun to solve this problem, then till the 1999 Shanghai would been completely under water. Despite the fact that the complete interruption of this process is not possible yet, local authorities aim to slow city sink rate down to 6 mm per year by 2016.

Climate change in the future is predicted now many by experts, and how Shanghai authorities will reach this rate we will see soon. Scientists dispute whatever awaits the Earth: the deluge or conversely, new Ice Age?

Also, according to the World Wildlife Fund, over the past 100 years sea level will rise by 10-20 centimeters. And then many hectares of land will go under water, and with them thousands of towns (50% of cities around the world are situated near the ocean or sea coast), villages and even states (eg, an archipelagic state the Republic of Maldives).

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