Richest animals, prisoners, heroes - they could be all dogs?

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Richest animals, prisoners, heroes - they could be all dogs? There are lots of facts those witnesses about dogs, which were able to have a very interesting role in human history. Their capabilities made them famous and that it why we know about these originally simple animals so much.

1. The best rat-killer

Between 1820 and 1824 bull terrier Billy weighing 11.8 kg in 17 hours killed 4000 rats. On April 23, 1825 in 5 minutes and 30 seconds this dog killed 100 rats. It happened at Tufton Street, Westminster, London, UK.

2. The only dog that could become a saint

In the XIIIth century appeared rumors about miraculous healings that took place at the grave of French greyhound named St. Ginefort. This dog had dead, rescuing the boy against the snake. For it people have proclaimed this dog a Saint. But the church did not canonize the animal.

3. The only dog -prisoner of war

Pointer Judy, favorite of crew HMS Grasshopper, was in 1942 taken prisoner by the Japanese with the crew and interned in a POW camp.

4. The world's first dog - movie star

A dog Rover was filmed on camera in 1905 in the film directed by Cecil Hepuerta. The film was named “Rescued by Rover”.

5. The most famous rescue dog

St. Bernard Barry (not Beethoven!) – was the famous lifeguard at all times. During his 12-year career in the Swiss Alps Barry saved more than 40 people. Among the people Barry saved was also half frozen boy, lying under snow slide near his mother which was already dead. Barry sprawled on the boy's body to warm him, and licked his face as long as the child has not awakened. Then Barry brought him to the nearest shelter.

6. The richest dog

German shepherd Gunther received a bequest of his mistress, the German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, $ 65 million and became probably the world's richest dog of 1990s. Gunter lived his rich life in Tuscany, Italy, and enjoyed outings in the Tuscan countryside with a private chauffeur in its own BMW. However, once the police fined the dog`s chauffeur when Gunther have sat in the front seat of the car while was filmed for a documentary for German television.

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