Peruvian train passengers always can give oxygen masks, because the way goes... above the sky!

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Peruvian train passengers always can give oxygen masks, because the way goes... above the sky! Everybody who makes travels across Peru, is convinced that it the most colorful and interesting country in South America. Here had prospered Indian civilizations before the Spaniards came. Here you can see the legendary Machu Picchu, perhaps the most spectacular sightseeing in the world!

If you want to make a tour to Peru, the best method to do it to go by trail! The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most famous route in the country; there are also many other places to visit including Colca Canyon, which in 2 times is deeper than the Grand Canyon, USA and the mysterious Nazca Lines and “drifting” villages on the Titicaca Lake.

The fact: relief of Peru represents coastal plains surrounded by high and abrupt cliffs of Andes (so-called Eastern and Western Cordillera, or “sierra”), a large mountain plain roofed in the Amazon jungle. The highest point – Huascaran (6768 m), and the most part of the road you should go by trail on the height more than 4000 meters above the sea level! In the way you can also get oxygen masks, if you fill that is not enough air.

Main sightseeings to be visited in Peru:

• In the middle of the ancient Incan Empire and nearby Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu is situated Cusco. This imperial town holds a lot of historical and archaeological secrets and even treasures.

• The mystery "Lost in jungle city of the Incas" was rediscovered by archaeologist Hiram Bingham in the beginning of XX century. Ancient emperor town was built on a high saddle dominated by the green peak of Wayna Picchu Mountain.

• Lake Titicaca is the highest seaworthy lake in the world, that is situated at an altitude of more than 3800 meters! The air here is thin and very clear and the luminous icecaps of an Andean peaks seem a little bit closer. Indigenous people, Uros Indians, verbatim live… on the water. Their houses are based on the tortora reed, which is used to construct traditional floating reed islands.

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