On the typewriters invented by Kyota Sugimoto are set up special removable cartridges with Japan hieroglyphs

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On the typewriters invented by Kyota Sugimoto are set up special removable cartridges with Japan hieroglyphs Kyota Sugimoto is the famous Japan inventor of the XXth century. He was born in Okayama prefecture in 1882(-1972). Because of his desire to become a specialist in communication technology, he became a student of the Training Institute for Communication Technology in Osaka, and completed his studies at the training institute in 1900.

At his times, typewriters were already commonly applied in Europe and America. Despite of it no practical type of typewriter had been developed special for the Japanese language, which would make it possible to write Japanese (or Kanji) without applying a pen. Such typewriter should be used with the large amount of Japanese hieroglyphs (unlike the 25-30 or so letters of many European alphabets). But people were hoping that such a typewriter would be created, and its creator was Kyota Sugimoto.

After he finished his studies at the institute, Sugimoto began working in the letterpress technology sphere, and then focused his attention to advancement of a typewriters for texts in Japan language. In the beginning of XXth century, typewriters which could be used to write in Japanese applied symbols arranged either on a cylindrical surface or on a semicircle-shaped surface, but only a few characters were available for practical use. In order to adapt typewriters to literar form of Japanese, Kanji, which has an enormous number of characters, Kyota Sugimoto cautiously thought-out the nature of a new writing system based on traditional symbols, including the frequency of use of characters used in documents. So was chosen 2,400 characters and then arranged by classification on a character carriage.

He obtained the patent rights to the unique Japanese typewriter that he proper invented, first in 1915. This invention greatly contributed to efficient processing of documents and creation of different types of documents. Until the popularization of word processor method, the Japanese typewriter played a big part in increasing efficiency of document preparation at Japanese corporations and administrative offices.

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