Nowadays Arabians can divorce by sending 3 SMS-messages

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Nowadays Arabians can divorce by sending 3 SMS-messages In Islam exists different laws for men`s and women`s divorce under the terms of Islamic rules. When a husband initiates a divorce, the procedure is called “tsalaq”. On the other hand, when a woman wants to initiate a divorce it is named “khula”. Tsalaq represents easily obtained procedure, while realization of khula is very difficult.

According to the sacred texts of Quran should be set up a waiting period between the three times a man can declare his will to divorce. It is made in order to cool down and resolve disputes and also be able to determine if a child is being born. On the expiry of waiting period, the couple is considered divorced and beginning from this moment the husband is no longer responsible for the former wife and her expenses, but should be responsible for the maintenance of their common children, until they are growing up.

The man may initiate the process of divorce just by saying loud the talaq (special formula of rejection) three times. The talaq should be pronounced only first two times, also it may be not pronounced orally. In the third time talaq is pronounced and the divorce is not able to be changed.

There is exists a lot of systems specifying the details to complete an irreversible divorce. For example, some period of time must go by between each talaq pronouncement, whether there should be inner mediation, or the finding of witnesses. In Muslim countries where polygyny is allowed, don’t exist waiting period before the man can remarry. On the other hand, the women must usually wait three months before she will tell the third talaq (this time is named “iddah”).

The rhythm of modern life change many traditional societies, and it also changed many Muslim traditions. So in some Muslim countries now husbands can only send 3 SMS-messages to initiate irrevocable divorce. In such precedents is not understandable one thing. What must the wife do if her phone is discharged?

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