Modern alternative cargers that can create energy... from water and fire

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Modern alternative cargers that can create energy... from water and fire The mankind during the centuries has thought about alternative power generators that would have an endlessness and recyclable raw material. But how can we forget about the fuel? Could we charge our gadgets, as a smart phones or tablets without electricity and sockets? Scientists say “Yes”, and add: “also we will support a better, green world!” Here you can read only facts and technical details about two revolutionary and portable devices that totally could change our notion about the Universe.

In element of Water

The myFC PowerTrekk is a modern and portable charger that generates electricity only from… water. Device is based on revolutionary Swedish Fuel Cell technology.

You just need to add water and special cartridge (myFC Puck) with salt. Since now you are completely independent of the electrical networks. Device works as a portable power plant. It actually creates the electricity you need.

With this fuel-cell technology, myFC PowerTrekk uses the hydrogen from the water. It converts reaction into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable electric power. Anywhere and anytime. With such tool you will get more than 1200 mAh (4 Wh). There are also internal battery that contains 1500 (5 Wh) mAh. You can choose to charge via the Fuel Cell (in the water and a Puck-mode) or per the electrical socket, when you are near to one.

In element of Fire

In the camping stove BioLite the heat of the fire generates electricity per a special thermoelectric generator. The last can be empowered by creating airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the standart USB port for charging little electronic devices. Charging times vary by device and by strength of fire. So it can charge one

iPhone 4S (2G) in 20 minutes and needs 46 grams of wood and 4,5 minutes to boil 1 L of water. Also, with BioLite electricity will be available on-demand; even at night and rainy or cloudy days.

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