Is Islam a Christian sect?

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Is Islam a Christian sect? There are more than one billion of Muslims in all over the world. Islam, after Christianity, is the second-largest religion in the world. “Islam” derives from an Arabic word meaning “peace” and “submission”. Islam is based on the Qur’an – a holly book which is considered to be the faultless word of God and his last prophet, Muhammad. Islam is more than just a religion – it’s a complete way of life. The main priorities of this religion are mercy, peace, love and forgiveness. The majority of Muslims are unrelated to the terrorism, which is associated with their confession. As Christianity, Islam is monotheistic. They also believe in Allah’s angels and prophets, such as Adam, Noah, Isaac and Jesus.

Some interesting facts about Islam. From the very beginning, Islam was considered by Europeans to be a sect of Christianity. Both religions have much in common:

• Islam and Christianity have the same basis in the Middle East;

• Both religions go back to the patriarch and bible prophet Abraham, and their three main prophets are directly descended from his sons;

• Muslims respect and worship Jesus. They consider him to be one of the greatest Allah’s (God’s) missioners, but not the most important one. They also wait his Second Coming;

• Islam, like Christianity allows fighting in self-defense or in defense of religion.

Despite the resemblance between Christianity and Islam, there are some great differences between them. Islam rejects one of the most important philosophical Christian beliefs, the God’s Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s considered to be a severe sin. They believe that there is one God – Allah who is the most fundamental meaning of the world and has no parents, children or equal.

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