In the capital of Switzerland, there are fountains-wells

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In the capital of Switzerland, there are fountains-wells Some Old Cities have unique layouts and sightseeing. One of such cities is Bern, the capital of the European country Switzerland. Instead of alone central Old Town square, here we see a main clock Old Tower, and broad streets radiating off and full of souvenir shops.

In Bern you can find 114 sites of national and international significance. It includes the entire Old Town (the building is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites), and a lot of sites around it. Some of the most remarkable sights in the Old Town include the Main Cathedral which was built in 1421. It is the tallest cathedral ever has been built in Switzerland. Also there are situated Holy Ghost Church, which is one of the largest churches in the country.

But not this is the main sightseeing within the Old Town of Bern. There you can find many XVIth century fountains. There are over 100 public fountains of which eleven are decorated with Renaissance allegorical statues. These statues were created during the period of civic amelioration that occurred when Bern became a capital city.

One of the most interesting figures is the fountain called Kindlifresserbrunnen (from German for Fountain of Child Eater). The sculpture represents sitting giant eating naked children and it was created in 1545 by Hans Gieng, great Switzerland sculptor that lived and worked here 5 centuries ago.

The fountains of Bern were initially built not as jewelry of city but as a public water supply. As Bern grew in power, the original springs were reconstructed and decorated but kept their original purpose. Today this centuries-old fountains also spurting out cold and crystal-clear water straight from the mountains! Almost everywhere in Bern you can find public drinking fountains-wells in the street, and most of them are sightseeing in themselves.

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