In Brazil was found topaz weighing 5.8 tons

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In Brazil was found topaz weighing 5.8 tons Topaz is a kind of mineral, known from ancient times. The name arose from the ancient name of the island in the Red Sea Zeberged - Topazion (where it is believed have been firstly found this stone), or in Sanskrit "Topas" – “fire”. Topaz has been known since ancient times and there are many superstitions and prejudices associated with this mineral.

This mineral has a rich symbolism. Topaz is a stone of joy and correlates with the flowers of Chrysanthemum. As a talisman topaz stimulates cleverness (“the stone of philosophers”), gives wisdom, prudence and is able to help in birth of a good new idea. It lends objectivity, freedom of mind, helps to find a power. Topaz brings the ability to anticipate the actions of the enemy (why it is recommended to the military commanders).

To everybody born in November, topaz supposedly gives strong friendship and supernatural love, to them who was born in May – a reach imagination. In the ancient world people believed in the healing properties of this stone and that it helps against insomnia. In the Middle age, when the stones "talked", yellow topaz on a man's hand meant secret love and silent, and pointed to the female generosity and nobility. It was believed that wearing topaz makes a man honest, decent and generous.

Topaz is commonly found in crystals with prismatic or column shape. These crystals are sometimes very large and it is known about crystals weighing 60-80 kg and even more. Topaz weighing 5.8 tons was found in Brazil in 1986, in the province of Minas Gerais. Also a lot of such minerals have been found in Volyn (Ukraine). In 1965 in one of local mines was found wine-yellow crystal weighing 117 kg. In New York's Museum of Natural History everyone can see the Brazilian topaz weighing 270.3 kg. In the Vienna Museum is exhibited and also found in Brazil crystal weighing 117 kg. Unfortunately, these topazes are not of high quality stones. Before the revolution in Russia in 1917, the largest topaz was considered the Russian greenish-blue topaz weighing 32 kg. Now the stones from the region of Volyn are considered the best in the world.

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