In 1971, U.S. astronaut Alan Sheppard became the first man who had played golf on the moon

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In 1971, U.S. astronaut Alan Sheppard became the first  man who had played golf on the moon People wanted to land on the Moon for years,

and the earliest studies of this satellite being made by the Ancient Chinese Astronomers. Invention of the telescope by Lippershey in 1609 provided the first detailed images and observations to be made. People believed the Moon contained vast lakes of frozen water, which they named Maria, e.g. Maria Tranquillitatis, Sea of Tranquillity etc. Nevertheless, studying the Moon from thousands of kilometers away of the Earth was difficult.

Sending a person on the Moon was only possible through many explorations and new technologies. Invention of the plane by Wright brothers (in 1904) enabled people to fly, although Icarus from Greek Mythology first had tried and failed to do it more than 2000 years ago. German scientist Von Braun developed the first successful ballistic rocket the V 2. After the war, Von Braun and his rocket team worked on the further development of the V 2 rocket in the United States.

The Russians made the next significant development in exploration of space and sent first artificial satellite (in 1957, called Sputnik 1) and first man in space (Yuri Gagarin, in 1961). Soviet Union launched to the Moon satellites in 1959 obtained the first pictures of the far side of our closest space neighbor.

First man on the Moon were American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (mission Apollo 11, it happened on July 20, 1969). After this fantastic journey from the roman of Herbert Wells or Jules Verne, USA continued to explore the single satellite of the Earth, and have sent several expeditions. In one of them, astronaut Alan Sheppard became the first man who played golf on the moon. Then he noted: "on the Moon my ball jumped and jumped and jumped..."

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