German diplomat Bismarck concealed his knowledge of Russian language

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German diplomat Bismarck concealed his knowledge of Russian language German politician and diplomat Otto von Bismarck was one of the men who united Germany from dozens of small states under Prussian superiority. Bismarck fought with weak opponents and tried to be friends with strong states. He was nicknamed "Iron Chancellor". Through his diplomatic skills, Bismarck managed to maintain the peace in Europe for a generation. At retirement, he was given the title of Duke. But in the beginning of his politician career he spent several years in St.Petersburg as ambassador in Russia.

Once Bismark was invited to a diplomatic reception. Russian emperor Alexander II talked with his minister Gorchakov near Bismark. When they had to discuss some secret problems, they switched on to Russian. Emperor was sure that Bismarck didn't understand their talk. But suddenly Alexander caught a gleam in ambassador's eyes. Russians stopped talking, and emperor asked to Bismarck, whether he can understand Russian. Bismarck had to admit that he could. Then Alexander told him that it was pleasant to find out that ambassadors studied the language.

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