From one cubic meter of wood can be made half a million of toothpicks

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From one cubic meter of wood can be made half a million of toothpicks Here we collected some facts about wood – natural material that is synthesized by trees of Earth every second. It could be burned and so it gives the warm or used as a material for buildings and various things. But what do you about features of wood and about trees, and what should we know to conservate our planet for further generations?

Trees cover nearly 30% of the earth's surface.

Over 25% of the world's forests grow in Siberia.

The Amazon rainforest produces more than 20% of the world's oxygen.

From one cubic meter of wood can be made 500. 000 of toothpicks.

Trees live longer than any other plant in the world.

In tropical forests, where there is no change of seasons, the trees do not have annual rings

Trees receive about 90% of their feed from the atmosphere and only 10% from the soil.

Some trees can "communicate" with each other. For example, when caterpillars attack the willow, it emits a chemical substance that signals the nearest willows of the danger. Trees nearby the damaged plant also react and emit more tanine (chemical substance) in the leaves, which hampers digestion of insects.

The average lifetime of a tree in the city is no more than 8 years.

On the whole planet, only 61 trees is the number of wooden plants that can take every person. One hectare of pine trees delays for one year 40 tons of dust and hardwood forest up 100 tons.

Annually from the Earth disappears 11 billion hectares of tropical forests. It is in 10 times more the scale reforestation.

Diameter of the giant redwoods reaches 7 m, and through arch within it can drive a car.

From one a medium-sized tree can be made of 170,000 pencils.

One tree produces about 120 pounds of oxygen per year or almost 100 cubic meters. This is enough for one family from three people.

The most dangerous tree - Manchineel Tree, which grows on the Caribbean coast and the Florida swamps. After contact with the juice of the tree skin burn then appears painful blisters. If the juice gets in your eyes, then the person can go blind.

One hectare of forest gives more than 6 tons of wood annually.

Trees help reduce greenhouse gases by at least 20%.

The oldest tree grows in Sweden. Its root system is growing for more than 9,000 years.

Over a lifetime, a tree recycles more than a ton of carbon dioxide.

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