Fear of the Red Threat was reflected in many American movies about Martians

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Fear of the Red Threat was reflected in many American movies about Martians The permanently deteriorative depiction of Soviet Union (and Russia) in many American cinema suggests that Western film industries reproduce and naturalize a dichotomous image in which countries from Eastern Europe are stigmatized as the Evil. In the end of such films, the West of course obtains a victory against a lot of villains. The fact: this idea firstly was reflected in 1950’ in the films about invaders from Mars. Surely, it was propaganda that aimed to grow more fear and hate towards real enemies.

United States see themselves in strong opposition to a negative image of evil from East. Many analytics thinks that so they project their own flaws onto the other, which thus becomes hopeless associated with an excess of negative characteristics. The latter include barbarism, retardation, and aggression.

More than 25 years have passed since the end of the so-called Cold War. This fact usually is linked with the collapse of the Berlin Wall that happened in 1989. But the main Western film industries still depict Eastern Europe (and in special, Russia) as the main enemy. Such endurance results from strong cinematic rules and recent geopolitical situation.

Another reason is that Hollywood’s infamous wave of anti-Soviet propaganda films in the 1950’s deeply implanted the image of Eastern European villain in U.S. cinema tradition, and this image had survived. On the other hand, United States at present wage a global campaign against terrorism. Their enemies operate internationally, and majority of them represent radical Islamists and other countries with aggressive politic, such as Iran and China. As we seen Americans waits the Threat only from East. Situation most likely will not change and it means that in the future we will see new versions of political propaganda in the American (most democratic?) cinema.

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