Eugene of Savoy at age 27 became the youngest field marshal in the history

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Eugene of Savoy at age 27 became the youngest field marshal in the history Eugene of Savoy was an outstanding Austrian commander and member of the Austro-Turkish War (1683-1699), the War of the Spanish Succession, the Austro-Turkish War (1716-1718) and the War of the Polish Succession. He was the son of Prince Eugene Moritz of Savoy, supervisor of Swiss troops in the guard of the French king.

Since childhood, Eugene had poor health, and because it was being prepared for the clergy. However, he dreamed of a completely different field of activity and reaching adulthood, he turned personally to Louis XIV to give him command of a cavalry regiment. However, this desire was met with derision, as by the King and also by his war minister Louvois. Outraged Eugene left France, vowing to come back here only with sword in his hands. His road lay in Austria.

In new country he was quickly admitted to the imperial army, where he had gained first battle experience on the Austro-Turkish War. In 1683 Eugene of Savoy became a member of the Battle nearby Vienna, where the Polish King Jan Sobieski defeated the Turkish troops.

Eugene of Savoy had been officer of Dragoon soldiers, and during this time he had shown courage. In 1686 during the siege of Ofen (he was twenty-three at this time), Eugene was on the responsible role of the Chief of defense line against a large army of supreme vizier of Ottoman Empire.

In 1687, Eugene of Savoy in the rank of major general, pursuing the Turkish army which had defeated at Gersane. He penetrated with his dragoon regiment into enemies’ fortified camp and stormed the last Turkish stronghold. In early 1688 he was promoted to the rank of field marshal lieutenant and went up on the first breach in the capture of Belgrade.

Since the beginning of the 2nd Dutch War (1689-1697) Eugene of Savoy was appointed commander of the imperial troops and sent to Italy to help the Duke of Savoy Victor Amadeus II. Here his main opponent was one of the best French generals Marshal Catinat, who became a worthy adversary of Eugene of Savoy.

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