Diksha is a religious suicide in Hinduism, that exists in India till today

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Diksha is a religious suicide in Hinduism, that exists in India till today Religious suicide in India - diksha – was seen as self-sacrifice for a god or circumcision. These suicides committed by self-immolation or selfdrowning. In the Middle Ages was registered a mass religious suicides with thousands of dies. Earlier there were bloody sacrifices in the temples of Kali (the goddess of love), when prayers cut off their body members or killed themselves.

Also religious suicides were widespread during the pilgrimage to the sacred rivers, or Tirta-ham. Who commits the “Diksha” (sacred suicide), supposedly reaches “Moksha” - total liberation from sufferings of earthly life. The best place for religious self drowning is considered the confluence of Ganges and Yamuna rivers in the city of Allahabad. There are also instructions on how to commit suicide, and the most preferred is considered jumping in river from the branches of the sacred banyan trees. Who will do it will richthe abode of the god Shiva.

In Allahabad to date are growing millennial banyan which extending thick branches above the muddy waters of the Ganges. As in the past, in our days the most zealous Hindus are jumping from these trees into the water to end their lives and thereby to gain "holy salvation". In the last years cases of religious dies were linked with the protests against the industrial pollution of Ganges River.

Another ancient Hindu religious suicide is death under the wheels of heavy chariots. In this regard, there is another kind of suicidal pilgrimage - to the Jagannath temple in Orissa. Every year at the beginning of the rainy season, an enormous crowd of pilgrims are carrying statues of gods from the church to the other. Chariot with statues pull by ropes numerous henchmen of temple. On both sides of these march elephants in bright ceremonial robes.

Nowadays, everything is being done to prevent these bloody mysteries. Large police squads struggling to avoid huge crowds away of heavy wheels which are the main goal of fanatics. However, some a case of “suicidal connection with the divine“as well as injuries occurs annually.

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