Did Alfred Dunhill invent lighter for his friend, who lost his hand in the war?

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Did Alfred Dunhill invent lighter for his friend, who lost his hand in the war? Nowadays the lighters is so commonly used device that perhaps most everybody around the world hold in their hand every day. At any time, everywhere – you should only press a button to see real fire create for your needs! The BIC company, who are in known as a largest lighter manufacturer, produces every year more than 1.5 billion of lighters! Surely, we live in the era of lighter, but not of the matches or silicium.

Around the lighter invention permanently appear a lot of stories and legends. One of them supposes that Allfred Dunhill, famous figure from the first half of the XX century, invented lighter for his fellow and close friend, who lost his hand in the war. Despite of it, facts says about another first inventor of lighter, who lived more than 200 years ago.

Firstly, the lighter was invented in the 1816, but this device then was called another - "Dobereiner's Lamp" (apropos, by the creator’s name, a chemist from Germany Johann Dobereiner). But first lighters did not use as fuel butane or oil, and for it was selected very explosive hydrogen. Of course, those lighters were highly unsafe, and if such device invented today, it would hardly be ISO9000 substance!

Another developer of lighters was George G. Blaisdell. He improved the ergonomics of contemporary lighter's case, so it today so easy to hold. Also Blaisdell designed a perforated hood for the wick, to make the lighter's fire windproof! Additionally, he evolved fuel chamber that became more efficient.

Lighters become popular and used by everybody by 1950’s, and this revolution was made by Zippo. After the emergence of this company, other lighter companies (Ronson, Dunhill, St. Dupont) started also popping up. One more company, Colibri invented and introduced first automatic lighters, and after that, era of lighter begun.

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