Daniel Day-Lewis saw the ghost of his father while performing Hamlet

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Daniel Day-Lewis saw the ghost of his father while performing Hamlet Daniel Day-Lewis is an English actor. He had won many awards, including three Oscar statuettes, two Golden Globes, three Academy Awards for the Best Actor and many others. Although he studied the traditional actor training, Daniel is considered to be a “method actor”. Also he uses Stanislavsky’s techniques (so-called principle “I don’t believe”) to create the thoughts and feelings of characters from whom he’s playing and tells. He often stays fully in the role for the period of the shooting schedules of his films, even to the point of disadvantageously harming himself.

He used to live in the wilderness when he was filming in “The Last of the Mohicans”. He never left his wheelchair when he played Christy Brown – a painter with cerebral palsy in “My Left Foot”. Before “Gangs of New York”, Daniel felt sick of pneumonia when he was trained as a butcher, because he refused to wear modern thermal clothes.

When it comes to research of the role, Day-Lewis is very selective. He has been filmed in only five films since 1998, with five years between each role. Nevertheless, every new film with him becomes bestseller, and is high appreciated.

But the really interesting fact happened with him in 1989. In this year, Daniel Day-Lewis was performing Hamlet for the National Theatre in London. Suddenly, he failed in the middle of the scene. Why? As he sad later, then he had seen the ghost of his own father who died when the actor was only 15 years old. On the performance, he bawled tensely and ran away from the stage. Since that day, Daniel refused to perform on the stage and of course, to perform Hamlet.

Years later, Day-Lewis said that it was an almost hallucinatory moment in which he was talking to his father, but it wasn’t the reason he left the stage. He said that he was deserted and had nothing to give. But how would you do in such case?

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