Astronomer Percival Lawrence Lowell predicted discovery of Pluto before his death

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Astronomer Percival Lawrence Lowell   predicted discovery of Pluto before his death Percival Lawrence Lowell (1855 –1916) was an American mathematician, businessman, astronomer and author of speculation that there were canals on Mars. He founded famous the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA and formed the beginning of the attempt that led to the find of Pluto. However, it happened in14 years after his end. The choice of the name Pluto and its official symbol represented partially influenced by his initials PL.

We know a lot of interesting facts about this scientist of the XIX and XX centuries. There are some of them:

• Lowell`s work "Mars and its canals" (1906) was devoted to "Giovanni Schiaparelli, Colombo of a new planetary world".

• Lowell has 24-inch (61 cm) refractor telescope manufactured by Alvin Clark. Apparent size of Mars, even during the great conflict, does not exceed 25" (1/70 of the lunar disk size). When photographing the Martian disk diameter on the plate did not exceed 6 mm, and was superimposed on the grain emulsion.

• After publishing Lowell`s theories nobody in the world no doubt that there are life on the Mars. In 1900, K. Guzman established an award of 100 thousand francs for establishing two-way communication with an extraterrestrial civilization.

• Lowell`s research had a great influence on H.G. Wells and his book "The War of the Worlds".

• Maps of Mars, composed by Lowell enjoyed Edgar Rice Burroughs, who created its own painting Martian civilization.

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