Anthem of the Republic of South Africa consists of verses in five languages

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Anthem of the Republic of South Africa consists of verses in five languages South Africa is often called the Rainbow Nation (its anthem is written in 5 languages, and national flag has 6 colors). Such a wide variety of languages, skin colors, religions does not exist anywhere in the world. Due to the rapidly developing infrastructure, port connections, as well as opening deposits of diamonds and gold, these lands have attracted a huge number of European and African nations. Local people can be divided on the white population (Europeans) - 11%, black (afro) - 76% and other groups (colored) - 13%.

White population is divided into the Afrikaners, who are mostly descendants of the first European settlers (Dutch, French, Germans, and Portuguese). In the other group are represented the descendants of the British, who arrived after 1820. The black group includes Bantu peoples: Zulu, Xhosa, Sutu, etc. In essence they are settlers from Central Eastern Africa. Among the “color” population we can name Indians, Malays, and Asians. Their descendants were brought from other Dutch colonies as slaves. Indigenous Bushmen almost gone out, some tribes have died out or lost their racial frequency. Remaining several hundred Aboriginal cultures was replaced in the Kalahari Desert. Today they manage to get along in the harsh dry conditions.

In South Africa speak many languages. Officially, country has 11 official languages. Almost all the white and colored people in the country speak Afrikaans. They called white Afrikaners or Boers. This term was spread in the XIX century. With the Afrikaans word "boer" translates as “farmer”. In fact, the Dutch, as a nation of sailor, settling in the Cape Town became farmers for centuries engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture.

English has become here the international language. This situation has also historical roots. Present territory of the Republic of South Africa was officially proclaimed a colony of Britain between 1910-1961 years. Communication among nations is much more convenient in English. Therefore, it is difficult for tourists to get lost and do not understand the local population. He / she will always come to the help on the international language of South Africa.

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