Adolf Hitler bought a famous copy of Discobolus

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Adolf Hitler bought a famous copy of Discobolus Discobolus or Discus Thrower is a work of ancient Greek sculptor Myron of Eleutherae. The sculpture completed between 460-450 BC. Original bronze sculpture lost, but there are some marble copies. One of them is Discobolus Palombara found on the Esquilline Hill іn 1781. So it is the first copy оf sculpture tо have been discovered.

It was installed at Palazzo Lancelotti. That's why the sculpture is also known as the Lancelotti Discobolus. Copy owners guarded access to it but the sculpture became famous.

In 1937 Adolf Hitler negotiated to purchase it, and succeeded in 1938, when sculpture was sold to him for five million lire, over the protests of Italian scholarly community. Hitler presented it to the Glyptothek in Munich.

The Americans returned Discobolus to Italy in 1948. Now it is іn the National Museum оf Rome, displayed аt the Diocletian Baths.

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