A dolphin helped sailors to avoid the reefs

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A dolphin helped sailors to avoid the reefs Pelorus Jack was a Risso's dolphin. He was named so because he met boats at the entrance to New Zealand river valley named Pelorus Sound.

First mentioned in 1888, Pelorus Jack spent the next 24 years escorting traveling boats in a narrow stretch of water. It is thought that he was orphaned, which might have explained his unusual behavior pattern.

For his assistance he became famous. But it attracted not only well wishers. Someone shot him from a steamer. Therefore he was protected by special law. He remained a protected creature until 1912 when he was seen for the last time.

Pelorus Jack attracted a lot of tourists. He was seen by American writer Mark Twain. A painting of Pelorus Jack appeared on the front cover of the London Illustrated News. Composers and poets even wrote songs about this brave dolphin. The legend of Pelorus Jack lived on after his death.

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