9 months after each Valentine's Day is observed baby boom

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9 months after each Valentine's Day is observed baby boom Firstly St. Valentine's Day represented a liturgical celebration of one of the first Christian saints that has a name Valentinus. The most popular legend about the life of Saint Valentine of Rome narrates that he was a monk, who was imprisoned for organization of weddings for Roman soldiers. In the times of the Roman Empire, it was forbidden them to marry and to minister to Christians, who were have hard persecuted for their religious beliefs.

In accordance with the legend, while he was imprisoned, Valentinus could heal the daughter of his own jailer, named Asterius. This legend states that before his execution, Valentinus wrote jailer`s daughter a letter with the sign "Your Valentinus" as a leave-taking. In our days, Saint Valentine's Day is an official holiday in Lutheran Church, as well as in the Anglican Communion. By the way, the Eastern Orthodox Church also solemnizes this fest, even though on other days - July 6 and July 30. In mostly catholic Brazil, the so-called “Dia de São Valentim” is celebrated on June 12.

There are some interesting facts about the modern provenience of this holiday. In the Middle Ages it was firstly associated with romantic love in the books of Geoffrey Chaucer, when the tradition of courtly love bloomed. In early XVIIIth century England, it became an occasion in which lovers have expressed their love for one another by offering flowers, jewerly and sending greeting postcards (known also as "valentines"). The main symbols of Valentine's Day used today involve shape of the heart, images of the doves and the winged god of love, Cupid.

Today Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday also known as the Day of All Fallen in Love. This originally catholic feast is solemnized on February 14 every year. Nevertheless of its religious roots, it is celebrated nowadays in many countries, although it is not an official holiday in majority of them. Maybe it happened so because this day became the international fest of Love, which has not any borders. So, the scientists state that 9 months after each Valentine's Day is observed baby boom.

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